Grid Connect Solar Kits


These solar kits are ideal for residential use, and have been designed based on the different energy usage requirements of households. Our Low Energy Kit consists of a 3kW system, Medium Energy consists of a 5kW system and High Energy consists of a 7.5kW system.


Low Energy Home


Medium Energy Home


High Energy Home


Our commercial solar kits extend upon the residential options to offer 10kW, 30kW and 50kW packages. These kits offer significant savings and can be customised to suit any installation or design. Sustainable Solar Services can also provide larger kit options upon request.


Small Business


Medium Business


Large Business

What We Offer:

As Sustainable Solar Services is an established wholesaler with technical experience in solar system design and installation we offer a range of standard solar kits to help take many of the design challenges out of solar systems. Our solar kits can be customised to suit any installation. Our kits contain the following components:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter (single and three phase options available)
  • Racking
  • DC isolators
  • Rooftop isolator covers
  • AC isolators
  • Circuit breaker
  • Label kits

All products used in our solar kits are what we sell individually, more information on our products can be found in our Products Section. Our solar kits offer a great discount over purchasing  components individually and provide a simple bill of materials and delivery to site. This saves time and costs during the organisation of projects and ensures that premium quality components are used in your projects.

For more details on the particulars of our kits please click on the relevant option above. If you would like us to provide custom solutions to suit your projects please CONTACT US.