Small household battery kit – 3 kW

This system is ideal for residential use, and is aimed towards smaller households. Small households general consist of 1-2 people, where the occupants are not overly reliant on heating and cooling systems. This system should cover the majority of your energy needs.

The 3kW system will generate electricity throughout the day which can be stored in a battery bank for later use, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money on electricity. This system configuration allows you to have control over how and when you use your electricity, enabling large savings during peak periods.


  • 3kW Fronius Hybrid inverter.
  • X Panels.
  • X Solar Batteries.
  • Comes with a warranty time of X.


This system represents a long term savings in your household electricity usage, allowing you to slash or even completely remove your electricity bill. This system not only saves the environment but will further increase the value of your home.

This system can be configured to utilize different components upon request.


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