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Newmax – Gel

Narada – Lead Carbon

LG – Lithium

Enphase – Lithium

What We Offer

At Sustainable Solar Services we offer a wide variety of battery types and sizes from worldwide reputable manufacturers. We have products to suit all energy storage requirements including on-grid, off-grid, domestic and commercial. Our complete range of solar batteries provides flexibility in balancing up-front costs with projected system lifetimes. We offer batteries from the following manufacturers:

Newmax Batteries

Newmax are a world leader in Gel and AGM batteries for renewable energy storage, uninterruptible power supplies and light vehicle batteries. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea all Newmax solar batteries are designed and manufactured in Korea. With better cycle life, better warranty and better price point than other Gel or AGM batteries in Australia Newmax batteries provide a cost effective, proven and reliable solution to include storage with any solar system.

Sustainable Solar Services stock Newmax’s 12V SG and 2V UPN ranges of gel batteries. For more information please click here or CONTACT US.

Narada Batteries


LG Batteries


Enphase Batteries

We provide a range of each type solar batteries to match any installation and customer need. For more information please click one of the suppliers above or datasheets are available from our Downloads Section.

Suitable battery inverters to match any battery configuration can be found in our Battery Inverters Section.

We stock a great range of solar batteries. If you need any assistance choosing the right battery for you project please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Solar Batteries Options

Household power bills have soared in recent years, finally allowing battery technology to be competitive with utility companies. Solar panels produce electricity during the day, often when we are not around to use it. Battery storage is a great way of consuming more of the solar power generated. This leads to greater financial savings as consumers no longer have to consume expensive peak power during the peak evening periods.

Why Lead Acid?

Lead acid batteries are commonly known for their ability to provide large amounts of power over a short duration when required, although there are many more benefits to using Lead acid batteries that are not commonly known, including but not limited to:

  • Cheaper than alternative types of batteries such as Lithium
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • A safer alternative to other commonly used battery types
  • Storage requirements are fairly simple and straightforward
  • High percentage of batteries are recycled
Why Lithium?

Lithium ion chemistry has seen the biggest advancements in battery technology over the last 20 years. With high cycle lifes Lithium batteries can expect to operate for well over 10 years and potentially much longer depending on the chemistry and usage patterns.

  • Very high efficiency – up to 95%
  • Low maintenance.
  • High charge retention, even when left for extended periods
  • High power and energy density.
  • Takes up relatively little space.
  • Works well at partial states of charge

Sustainable Solar Services has a range of solar batteries to match any installation. If you need any assistance choosing the right battery for you project please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.