Lead Carbon Batteries

About Lead Carbon Solar Batteries:

Lead carbon solar batteries aim to tackle one of the major issues present in regular lead acid batteries, the long charging period. Typically, lead acid solar batteries have the disadvantage of taking a long amount of time to charge, despite the short amount of time in which they can discharge if needed. The reason for this comes down to the chemical reactions occurring within the battery, more specifically on the negative plate. Lead acid solar batteries suffer from lead sulfate sticking to the surface during discharge. Through the combination or replacement of the negative electrode with carbon, this issue is circumvented, allowing faster charging of the battery as well as increased performance and life-span.

Pros of Lead Carbon Solar Batteries:

There are many known advantages to the lead carbon battery, such as:

  • Faster charging than traditional lead acid solar batteries
  • Will produce far more cycles at a similar depth of discharge than traditional lead acid solar batteries
  • Lead carbon batteries are quite cheap compared to other battery chemistries
  • Lead carbon batteries are less toxic than pure lead acid batteries, meaning the negative environmental impact is being reduced

Cons of Lead Carbon Batteries:

There are many more positives to lead carbon batteries, with only a handful of disadvantages. The main disadvantage that is worth mentioning is the age of lead carbon battery technology. As this is a relatively recent development when compared with other types of lead acid batteries, there are likely more improvements to the technology that can be made. Although this is not necessarily a disadvantage, it does mean that better technology is likely to emerge in the coming years, with the integration of super-capacitor technology.

Additional information:

Lead Carbon batteries could potentially replace the current lead acid batteries being used today. The technology has already produced some exciting results, with the capacitor for future iteration of lead carbon battery technology being substantial.

Lead carbon solar batteries are looking to be the solution to large scale energy storage, opening up the options for solar energy storage in this ever-increasing market.