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What we offer

At Sustainable Solar Services we offer a complete range of solar accessories and components to ensure that you can source everything you need for a project from us directly. We have sufficient stock of our solar accessories to provide for domestic projects up to large scale commercial projects. All products offered by us are sourced from premium manufacturers to ensure that the smaller system components last as long as the rest of the system.


We offer mounting for any kind of installation including tile, tin, tilted, ground mounts and have solutions available for difficult roof materials such as slate and shingles. All solar mounting products are certified to AS 1170 and the engineering certificates can be obtained from our Downloads Section.

For more information on our racking options: Solar Mounting

Circuit Protection

Sustainable Solar Services stocks a wide range of DC isolators, AC isolators, DC circuit breakers, ACĀ  circuit breakers, fuses and combiner boxes in a variety of ratings and physical sizes. We only supply well known reliable as these are a critical safety component in any system. We offer 32A 1000V DC isolators for domestic installations as well as 1200V and 1500V rated isolators to ensure that commercial projects meet regulations. Our range of AC isolators extends from 1 pole, 20A isolators up to 4 pole, 80 amp isolators. We can also provide isolators with 32 or 40mm cutout for installations where large AC cables are used.

Our range of circuit breakers extends from 15A 1-pole breakers through to 3-pole breakers suitable for any commercial installation. We also offer DC circuit breakers and fuse disconnects for battery installations. We are also able to provide larger Module Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) for commercial installations where extra protection is required at the Main Switchboard or Distribution Board.

We have a range of fuses for string protection in domestic and commercial solar systems as well as suitable fuses and housing for battery installations. We also offer pre-made combiner boxes with suitable fusing built-in.

For more information: Circuit Protection

Balance of System

We offer a comprehensive range of balance of system components to ensure that you can purchase everything required for any solar installation in one place. Our range of standard label kits are suitable for string inverter systems, micro inverter systems and battery systems. We can also supply custom kits if required to ensure there are no missing or leftover labels during installation. We also provide HD and corrugated conduit, genuine MC4 connectors and pre-made flyleads, plastic and steel cable ties, enclosures, cable clips, warning signs, cable and crimpiong tools.

For more information: Balance of System


Commercial installations require protection at the inverter and isolators to ensure people cannot be exposed to live wires. Sustainable Solar Services custom makes inverter cages to provide protection and meet regulations. With padlockable hinge door, gaps for conduit and mesh panels to ensure maximum air circulation our enclosures are a simple solution to meet requirements. For more information: Enclosures

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