Sustainability – Act short-term, think long-term

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability also addresses the ongoing capacity of the Earth to maintain all life. For the human species, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic dimensions, and responsible management of resources. Sustainable patterns of living meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

The challenge is to maintain, even further improve the standard of living and reduce the impact on our environment and finite resources.

Sustainable Construction

A sustainable approach for residential as well as commercial buildings concerns two main areas: Suitable design and materials of construction/ refurbishment and the resulting efficiency in an occupied building.

Looking at the complete life cycle, the following measures and effects should be put in place:

Suitable materials and products should be long-lasting and durable creating a long life cycle of those materials/ products and the building itself. This reduces waste created through replacements and energy used for maintenance efforts. Only recyclable materials should be installed. Old materials that are replaced must be recycled, where possible. Energy consumption during production of materials needs to be reduced by using sophisticated and efficient manufacturing facilities.

These long lasting products will also have an effect on the efficient running of a building:

First of all, it is important that these products have good thermal properties, which means – heat is kept in the building in winter and kept outside of the building in summer. This results to decreased heating and cooling efforts and therefore reduced energy bills. At the same time, this will create a stable room climate and less need for unhealthy circumstances from A/C and heating systems (e.g. dry air, temperature fluctuations, draft, etc). In this regard, thermally efficient products ensure sustainability to people’s health as well as the environment by reduced energy consumption.

Secondly, these products will provide a variety of additional positives that benefit individuals’ health and well-being. Durable, strong products provide improved acoustic properties, which block noise from the street. This reduces stress levels of tenants, resulting in better sleep, ability to work concentrated/ efficiently. Moreover, it creates privacy and undisturbed time with family and friends. This sustains your health and healthy relationships.

Strong, durable products and materials will also provide increased security to people and assets, which gives you and your family and good feeling and reduced stress and worry.

Thirdly, sustainable products will provide sustainable investments. Especially, when installed correctly, quality products will minimise the risk of damage to your property and assets in your property. It will further reduce costs for running the building, i.e. for maintenance and repair. When planning new buildings and refurbishments, cost implications are crucial. Planning sustainably will lead to middle and long-term savings and increased resale value of your property, which will make your property more competitive for tenants and investors.

Sustainable Construction Services chose the name on purpose, and accepts the challenge willingly to increase sustainability in an environment of financial pressure and uncertain economic development. It is our goal to provide means of improved sustainability to the point of zero emission buildings and neighbourhoods, collaborating with like-minded partners within the industry. Sustainable Construction Services can achieve this cost neutral or even cost saving, depending on the case.

We also believe in reduction of waste, by almost 100% recycling. We recycle replaced products, e.g. timber, aluminium, steel, glass, PVC, etc. We also recycle waste created by our operations and reduce wastage by efficient planning, resulting in reduced travel, transportation, etc.

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