SMA Battery Inverters

We stock the full range of SMA battery inverters including the Sunny Boy Storage inverter/charger and Sunny Island energy management system for on-grid or off-grid applications. SMA’s range of battery inverters are suitable for any new on or off grid installations and are compatible with all existing systems.

SMA Battery Inverters - Sunny Boy StorageSunny Boy Storage

The Sunny Boy Storage is the newest addition to the range of SMA battery inverters. Designed to work with high voltage lithium batteries including the Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem and BYD Bbox the Sunny Boy Storage is a simple solution for adding batteries to any new or existing grid connected solar systems when paired with the SMA Energy Meter. Features of the Sunnyboy Storage include:

  • 2.5kW charge and discharge capability
  • Built-in web-server
  • Efficiency of 97%
  • Compatible with any new or existing solar system
  • 10 year warranty
  • Lightweight – 1 person installation

SMA Battery Inverters - Sunny IslandSunny Island

The Sunny Island range have the most comprehensive feature set of SMA battery inverters

  • Backup functionality in case of blackout
  • AC or DC coupling to suit any new or existing installation
  • Time of use battery discharge settings to maximise savings
  • Smart meter included for smart charging
  • 5 year warranty
  • Excellent technical support team
  • LCD and LED display
  • Intelligent MPPT Technology
  • High Efficiency for PV-Battery-Grid


Monitoring and Export Limitation

System monitoring is available via ethernet connection to a modem/router or by purchase of Sungrow’s wifi logger, system information and performance can be viewed at any time from anywhere on Sungrow’s Solarinfo monitoring platform. The included smart meter also means that consumption and export can be viewed on the monitoring platform giving a detailed overview of usage patterns to identify where energy could be saved.

The included smart meter for Sungrow hybrid inverters also allows for fast control of export to comply with distributor’s limited or zero export requirements throughout Australia. With Class 1 accuracy this is one of the easiest and most cost effective export limitation configuratiosn on the market.

For more information about the solar meter, wifi logger and other Sungrow accessories please check out our range of monitoring accessories.

Suitable solar panel options can be found at our Solar Panels page. Information on compatible batteries can be found in our Solar Batteries section.

Datasheets for all SMA battery inverters are available in our Downloads Section.

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  • Lasting & Robust
  • Dual MPPT (model 6000)
  • Designed for high temperature and humidity prone environments
  • 100A Charging from PV
  • 200% overload capacity
  • Standalone & grid-tie operations (D models)
  • Compatibility with both Lead-acid and LiFePo4 batteries
  • All in one